Hot work quiz and answers
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Hot work quiz and answers

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So I am doing a quiz on the computer a online class and trying to figure out how to use inspect element to see the answers does anyone know how to do this?
It depends on how the code was written, it's entirely possible that this isn't an option if they're sending the answer back to the database and the database is sending a response.Sometimes you'll be able to see if the value being passed from the input is a 1 or a 0, but that would have to b very poorly written code.
Do hot and slim women work out?
I do not know about ‘majority’. I did hear complaints that the super fit women spend so much time on exercise and taking care of themselves they really have no time left to take care of their boyfriends. To make it worse, since they practically do not eat they tend to refuse to cook real food as well, and you will not survive of girl food alone.But…I have a niece. Size 0. Hot. And not a skeleton at all. She is so slender she has hard time finding clothes to wear because women’s clothes don’t come in that small sizes, and girls’ … well they are in a style for girls not a mature woman she is. She is now 28 and hear this.:She Does Not Work Out At AllNever goes to gym, does not go running or even walking other that just to get from point A to point B. She did get a bicycle a while back, but not to exercise, but because bus connections to her work sucked, and it was faster to get there biking. Once she changed job, the bicycle got put aside. She spends her free time on a computer, loves manga (has quite a collection) and plays shooter games. As fantastic as this sounds, you know what they say, if it is too good to be true… Yeah. Despite being almost painfully gorgeous, she is not anyone’s dream girl because she never learned to be a girl. She speaks her mind whenever she damn feels like. If you suggest something to do and she thinks it’s stupid she will not smile and go along with you, to be nice to you, but say it’s dumb and shrug. For some reason this has a bad effect on boys.Her older sister exercises daily with aerobics in the morning and weights after work, but though I think she is has a great figure she will never be exactly ‘slender’, so that probably not what you are interested in either. And she is a feminist to boot.Damn, I have fantastic nieces.
I’m writing a book and I’m trying to work out how I can make my story fill a full length novel. What details should I include and what should I leave out?
Basically, you put your main character in a situation where something bad has happened, and she has to do something she doesn’t want to in order to fix it, with a nice ticking clock and something terrible which will happen if she doesn’t succeed, and you keep throwing shit at her until she learns whatever is necessary to change.If your story won’t fill a novel, it may not have enough content for a full novel and you should think about a novella. Adding in extra bits to make it longer also makes it boring.
If you work as a dishwasher and the dishes come out too hot to touch and stack in their places, would it be considered an unsafe work practice? How hot would be too hot for it to be considered unsafe?
How hot is unsafe depends on what the material is, because it matters how it conducts heat. Too hot for touching copper is anything above 60C/140F. Other, less thermally conductive stuff may be considerably hotter and still be able to be handled. Moisture can change things, too. [1]If you’re experiencing pain upon touching the dishes coming out of a dishwasher, ask your employer for help correcting the problem. It may help to open the dishwasher and wait a while. Even 30 seconds or a minute might be enough. You could also get insulated gloves.If your country has an occupational safety and health department, look to them for information, and for help if your employer doesn’t have a satisfactory response when you ask clearly.Footnotes[1] Too Hot to Handle? An Investigation Into Safe Touch Temperatures
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