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Hot work regulations Form: What You Should Know

For more information, Visit:  Visit: Oct 18, 2024 — Update your DD Form 03. As a consequence of the Army's Active Shooter and Incident data sharing plan. Soldiers must also update they're the date range, the time you were last in your location, the type of firearms or other potential threats that you were present with, and the address of that location. For the DD Form 03, update with details, please visit: Oct 23, 2024 — Update your DD Form 03 if assigned to Special Forces or you have active duty status. Soldiers assigned to the Reserves or National Guard are  required, with a few exceptions, to update the date range and the length of deployment. The time you were in your  location remains the same. The type of firearm or other threats you were in your location with remains the same.  Oct 1, 2024 — Do you need to update your DD-214?  If you are still in your deployment, you should update your DD-214. Soldiers with an Active Duty, Reservist, or National Guard  status and those still deployed have up to one year after they return home to update. For more information, contact: Oct 1, 2024 — Update your DD-214 if you are still in your deployment. Soldiers assigned to active duty, Reserve or Guard status need to update their DD-214. Soldiers with active duty status need to update their DD-214 within 30 days, Reservists require a 120-day  period after their return from service, and National Guard soldiers have a 180-day period after they have completed 3 months. For more information, contact: You can view your DD Form 214 online by following the instructions at this link — Oct 1, 2024 — Update your DD-214 if assigned to the Reserves or National Guard. Soldiers assigned to the Reserve or National Guard must update their DD 2-214 within 15 days. Soldiers with a Reservation status are not eligible for an update. For more information, contact: If you're on Active duty, you should check with your commander to see if it is possible to update your DD-214. Otherwise, just update it the day you return home. To view your DD214, please visit: Oct 1, 2024 — Update your DD Form 214 as of Jan 1, 2015.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Hot work regulations

Instructions and Help about Hot work regulations

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