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Instructions and Help about Hot work regulations

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Is deporting illegal immigrants necessary? In essence, what are they as a group doing to make the world worse?
In the United States that I want to grow my children up in? Absolutely.Yes, the undocumented create a burden on the system.Their children, born in the U.S. go to college for free, fully subsidized by tax payers while they themselves pay no social and federal taxes. The only taxes they pay are what visitors to the U.S. pay through sales taxes.They are afraid to report crimes and criminals.They are unable to afford quality care and end up burdening the E.R. as their sole means of healthcare.Unethical employers are able to exploit the undocumented and replace qualified American workers with less than market value wages and benefits (more on that below).In case of a disaster, the local authorities are overwhelmed with the undocumented and this affects the access for everyone.One of the core pillars of a successful society is honesty and integrity of each and every member of society :If my neighbor's car stopped working tomorrow, would they break into my car and start driving it because they are afraid I might say no when they ask for it?If I was gone for a year, would my neighbor break in and throw a party in there because I was not using my house to live in and thus they felt it was a waste of resources and took it upon themselves to use it as they thought would be beneficial to their friends?If they came across my bank’s savings account information, would they then fraudulently take out the funds I had worked so hard to save using the information they had obtained?The United States has an asylum program - some people even argue that the asylum program is riddled with fraud, but that’s a discussion for another day - which lets in people from all over the world who fear their lives.Everyone else has absolutely no reason to skip the well established routes to immigration unless they lack honesty and integrity, in which case I don’t want them in the society I live in.Yes, I am well aware that well established routes to immigration are riddled with treacherous roads. I am aware it’s expensive, long and arduous. I am an immigrant from India that has a typical multi decade wait for citizenship.It all boils down to decency and mutual respect.There are two ways for me and my family to enter your home:Learn who you are, see if it is for me and you decide whether it is for you and if we agree, you let me in and my family and I treat you with respect as you, us while we exchange food, thoughts and experiences. We decide on a protocol of when I can come visit you or be in your home and all parties honor that.My family and I sneak or break into your house and take what we want and make ourselves comfortable. Maybe we clean your kitchen or we don’t. Maybe we replenish your fridge or we don’t. There’s no protocol, there’s not agreement. Anything goes.Originally being from a land where the latter is a significant possibility on a regular basis, I don’t stand nor care for it, which is why I came to the United States.I will have nothing but absolute support for the former and will do my part that mutual respect, trust and laws are maintained.That is the kind of community that I want my friends and family to consist of.Immigration is a privilege not a right.(and to clarify, Emmigration is a right not a privilege)If you had a policy of "friends and family always welcome, strangers please set an appointment", how would you feel if I just jumped the gate and helped myself to your property?You know, because setting an appointment with you is such a hassle and you said you would take weeks to see me and I decided that was just not acceptable.Even if you did not charge me with trespassing, wouldn't you be a bit upset?Be honest now, don't be naughty!The U.S. is a land where laws are respected.In fact, this is often the sole reason why a lot of legal immigrants enter the U.S. because they have given up on the corrupt systems of their own (former) homeland.(Source: These are the world's most corrupt countries )As I write here, the U.S. constitution is a fantastic work of art, a masterpiece in systems engineering: Subhobroto Sinha's answer to Who is running the United States of America?For laws to be respected, sometimes sacrifices need to be made.In the U.S. the constitution is not just a textbook that's meant to be regurgitated during exams or elections and promptly forgotten.Blood is spilled, families are broken, court cases are fought to uphold and protect the constitution.The U.S. has to have the ability to ensure anyone looking to live here long term and lay down roots agree to uphold and protect the constitution.This extremely important ability to ascertain that they empathize with the expectation, the responsibilities (not just the rights) required of them, is lost the moment a person enters the country ignoring all laws, regulations and statutes of this nation.Immigrants are required to take an oath, which among others, require them to relinquish allegiance to their former homeland and serve, protect the U.S.The Illegal Immigrants have not taken such an oath and as a result, have no obligation to serve the protect the U.S.Infact, children born in the U.S. by parents employed in a diplomatic or other official capacity by a foreign power, are not conferred U.S. Citizenship because of this very reasonThe biggest challenge with illegal immigrants is that they, under whatever situation, undermined the rules of the land from day one.By entering this land illegally, these people have demonstrated, without doubt, that they are happy to break the law as they so desire.You see, the U.S. lays out that no one is above the lawJust like the President is not above the law, neither is anyone else.Now, we must understand that the dislike for illegal immigrants currently is a far cry from the xenophobia of the past.I have often seen people making counter arguments try to align xenophobia with the current dislike for illegal immigrants, and to understand the difference, we must first study history:Philadelphia nativist riots - WikipediaKnow-Nothing Riot - WikipediaThese were not the only xenophobia driven riots in the U.S., there were more, but these were well documented.The other issue is the skew in resources used versus contributed. The challenge is that these statistics and numbers are, due to the very nature, hard to get, but as a highly vocal enthusiast in Southern California, I have observed extreme and mind bending length illegal immigrants go to obtain assistance:Undocumented marriages leading to the mother obtaining single mother status Welfare Benefits(Source: US Wars Fund The Welfare State Which Finances The Liberal March Towards Totalitarianism -- Sott.net )2. If the child is born in the U.S. and the parents are undocumented, even if the parents earn well above the poverty rate, the citizen child gets access of significant financial benefits because they come from a “zero income” family.On the other side, we have dwindling resources made available for people who have given their lives and body to protect the U.S.3. Illegal immigrants are not subject to U.S. labor laws and thus are exploited in different ways, including suppressed wages. In fact, many farms in the U.S. explicitly depend on the support from illegal immigrants because they won’t pay a minimum wage and this skews up the whole market.https://www.washingtonpost.com/l...(Source: Are Illegal Immigrants Good for the Economy? )Infact there is a direct correlation between rise in pay and border enforcement:(Source: On U.S. Farms, Fewer Hands for the Harvest )Suppressed wages due to immigration is not just specific to illegal immigration, it’s an issue for situations where unethical companies have exploited Work Visas to play labor arbitrage games: Subhobroto Sinha's answer to Are H1B visas causing large scale unemployment in the US? Or is the argument that H1Bs are causing unemployment rhetoric for political gains?Yes, Immigration Hurts American WorkersAlso being illegal, these people are more likely to be targeted by extortion and to channel illegal activity because they are afraid to reach out to law enforcementDepressed wages, risk in crime, social benefits arbitrage, disregard for the rule of the land - these are some of the reasons why illegal immigrants are disliked.This is not to say illegal immigrants are evil, scheming people. I am sure that most of them are honest, hard working men and women.However, they broke the law.Without laws, rules, checks and balances, there would be no U.S.(Source: Checks and Balances - Facts & Summary - HISTORY.com )Even the President of the U.S. is overridden when an unconstitutional decision is made and can even be impeached if he’s found to disrespect the rule of land, as he’s made to swear:The U.S. has a few departments to help legal immigrants live in this country, there is little reason to disrespect the rule of the land (there is even the option of political asylum if such is the case)(Source: USCIS Finalizes Guidelines on Signature Requirements for Immigration Documents | Atlanta Immigration Lawyers, Employment Immigration Attorneys, Green Cards, Kuck Baxter Law )Resources:Williams Backs UHRI’s Position, Wants Foreign Aid to Corrupt Nations HaltedChecks and Balances and Separtation of PowersUS Wars Fund The Welfare State Which Finances The Liberal March Towards Totalitarianism -- Sott.nethttps://www.hainerporras.com/usc...
Should I add extra protein to my diet to help me 'fill out' even though I do not work out?
Not at all. Protein is an important macro nutrient that is needed for basic body function but if you are not working out to break your muscle fiber tissues for muscle growth, your body won't be able to use protein to rebuild muscle tissues but rather just use it for energy. 1 g of protein contains 4 calories. Once the body uses the protein for essential body function, the excess protein will be converted into energy and if you don't need the energy, it will be converted into body fat. Protein or protein supplements are not magic pills for muscle. You need to eat a proper diet (calorie surplus) with proper amount of protein, fat,and carbs and also you need physical exercise to achieve a muscular body. Hopefully this helps and to learn more about protein and its function in health and muscle building, you can check out the detailed video above.
How do I work out when it is too hot to feel like doing anything?
—I can relate! The CrossFit box I go to gets super hot in the summer.But I mean, it’s always something isn’t it?Too hot outside, it’s snowing, etc…If you’re dedicated to fitness, then these are things you look at in hindsight: “I braved the weather when I went to the gym earlier today” for example.Just go.If it’s hot outside, use a gym that has air conditioning. If you go to a gym without air conditioning, push yourself to either go really early that day or much later when the sun is down, or just take a deep breath and just go. Yes, it might suck, and sure, you might not be able to do your very best that day…but both of these options are much better than not going. And most likely you won’t be the only one at the gym. You’ll be surrounded by like minded people. Heck, maybe you’ll make a new friend that you can bond over braving the weather to get your workout in! #positivityAt the end of the day, you should be looking to avoid excuses (yes - weather is likely just an excuse). Don’t ever let something like hot weather to deter you from hitting your fitness goals.
What is the best way to fill out a job resume with no work experience?
You are beeped about an opening that is the dream job you have been waiting for. What is next? You apply, qualify and grab the job. Wish it was as simple as writing or saying the above three words. There will be one or the problem that can be a hurdle to your job search. Say, this time it demands a relevance experience and you literally have no experience to justify it.Whether you are a career changer or a recent graduate with no internships under your belt to highlight, there are still a few things that would make you look as qualified as possible.Here are somethings that can help you get the job. These are:Transferable and Relevant SkillsWhen you do not have an experience to support your application, then it is always better to use a skill based resume. Instead of using the space to confuse the employer with irrelevant information, start with a skill based resume with relevant or transferable skills taking the most of the space of your resume.Try and identify the skills that you can use for the job you are applying to. If you have work experience then you can pick the skills you have developed from the previous experiences. As a recent graduate find skills that helped you through a school project successfully. Spot this section right under the education and qualification section in your resume.Related Side/Academic ProjectsDo not doubt your academic projects. They are fair game and definitely deserve a place in your resume. Similarly list down other side projects you must have done after college that are relevant to this job application. As long as you are labelling your work experience as project work, you are free to include as many projects as you think are relevant.A better way to include all your projects under one sub-heading that does not confuse the employer is by creating a separate projects section. It is a myth that only full time experiences can be listed on your resume. You can list whatever you think is relevant for this application.A Cover Letter That Displays Your EnthusiasmA cover letter is not a part of your resume, but makes a strong impact if it is included in your job application. Coupling a resume with a strong cover letter can add an edge to your resume. Especially when you do not have a strong experience section in your resume or you are trying to make a career change.Find a way to connect your passions and life experiences with the vision and mission of the company. Then in your cover letter only try and explain how this will help you hitting the ground once you are a part of the company. You will notice that this link will work for you well especially if you are a recent graduate.Also, a cover letter is the perfect place to build the ladder in between the skills you have learned and what the company needs.Getting into a new line of job is a hard work. You need to spend a considerable time of your resume so that even if you do not have the qualifications, you look qualified. The trick here is to work upon the projects and skills that make you fit for the job. It is okay to break the resume rules at times you are required to keep the hiring manger interested in you.Some Thumb Points to RememberIdentify the qualities that make you fit for the roleMake yourself look irresistible to the employerAll through the resume, speak the same language as you study in the job descriptionFormat your resume perfectly
Why is it that if I fill my ice trays with cold water the ice is difficult to get out, but if I fill them with hot water the ice comes out much easier?
Why is it that if I fill my ice trays with cold water the ice is difficult to get out, but if I fill them with hot water the ice comes out much easier?Water heated in a hot water heater is not suitable to ingest.Don’t use it for drinking, cooking, preparing baby formula, or making ice.It is okay to use for bathing, showering, laundry, washing dishes, and cleaning.The reason that water from the hot water tank is not good to ingest is that it has too many dissolved heavy minerals in it • including lead and many other heavy metals that we should not be swallowing.Fresh water coming in to the house from the water mains in the street has only trace amounts of these metals at first.But they build up in the water tank when the water sits in the tank for long.The metals form scale on the inside of the tank.Then fresh water sits heated in the tank, dissolving the heavy metals to an unacceptable level.When you draw the hot water, it contains more heavy metals than you realize.Boiling the water does not reduce the heavy metal contamination.(1) Don’t use tap water hot from the tank for drinking, making coffee or tea, baby formula, cooking, or making ice • or for any other purpose that gets it inside your body.(2) Start with fresh water that you let run until it is cold • straight from the mains. Don’t ingest even cold water that has been sitting in your indoor pipes until it is lukewarm. (3) Let the cold water run until it is “outdoor” cold and then heat it.(4) To avoid wasting water, let it run until it is outdoor cold, then fill a large pitcher with the cold water. Then use this instead of having to run water for every drink or cup of tea.(5) It is metals and other contaminants you are avoiding, not germs. Boiling the water will not get rid of the metals.(6) Hot tap water straight from the hot water tank is safe to use for washing, bathing, showering, dish washing, laundry, and cleaning. (7) All these uses for hot tap water are safe for the baby too.It’s just not safe for the baby to swallow in any form.(8) Ditto for your pets and fish tank. You can use hot tap water to wash your pets• dishes and bowls, to bathe them, and to clean the fish tank. But use fresh, lead-free water for them to drink and to fill the fish tank.————————Here is a short article from The New York Times about drinking hot tap water:Lead Contamination - Tap Water - Medicine and Health
What is the deal with British people and the way they wash their dishes?
Lots of people seem confused as to the answer for which this question is probing. I suspect that the asker may be comparing British dishwashing to American or similar. In America, a very common approach to dishwashing would be to use a sudsy sponge or scourer to individually wash each item under a running tap of hot water. It is not as common to fill the sink with water and suds and wash the dishes is that. Many Americans would use that sort of approach when camping or if there were some sort of serious restrictions placed on water use, but in the home in normal times, dishes would be washed under running water.When I first moved to the UK from the USA I found the “deal” with British dishwashing odd as well- but not because of the use of a full sink of water. As I said, that is not unfamiliar to some Americans. Instead, the other confusing thing was the plastic basin kept in the sink which was filled instead of the sink for dishwashing. My Australian wife (who does dishes the British way, but with a filled sink) found the plastic basin similarly perplexing. The answer given previously, that this dates from a time when the houses only had one sink, and so provided a cleaner, dedicated basin for dishes and other food implements, seems perfectly plausible. However, even in houses with multiple sinks, each with a dedicated use, Brits of a certain generation will resolutely continue to do their dishes in a plastic basin kept in the kitchen sink at all times, rendering said sink useless or awkward for such duties as straining pasta or pouring out cold coffee, because it all goes into the plastic basin and commingles in tepid unpleasantness.So the confusion with the question comes from needing to know the “deal” with how Americans (or others who do dishes similarly) do dishes, such that one can observe the difference with how the British do them.As for the plastic basin- that is truly madness. When people say tradition holds us back, that should be the kind of thing they go after.
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