Hot Work Permit
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Hot Work Permit

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Instructions and Help about Hot Work Permit

Welcome to the course on welding cutting and hot work I am Marcus we saw your instructor for the course and if you have any questions throughout the course as you move through the material feel free to call me directly or email me whatever is more convenient for you and I'll try to respond and get some more information to you my contact information is listed on the screen for that purpose let's go over the welding cutting and hot work objectives there are four primary objectives I want you to be able to accomplish by the end of this course firstly I want you to be able to list and describe the dangers of welding cutting and hard work I want you to understand the duties and responsibilities of the fire watch I want you to be able to identify cylinders that are improperly stored and named five hazards of welding operations hot work fire and explosive dangers workers performing hot work such as welding cutting brazing soldering and grinding are exposed to the risk of fires from ignition of flammable or combustible materials in the space and from leaks of flammable gas into the space from the hot work equipment there are several precautions or basic precautions for fire prevention with respect to hot work performing hot work in a safe location and with fire hazards removed is of the utmost importance but one should always use guards to confine heat Sparks and slag and to protect the a movable fire hazard if there are any do not perform hot work wear flammable vapors or combustible materials exist work and equipment should be relocated outside of the hazardous areas whenever that is possible make suitable fire extinguishing equipment immediately available this equipment can consist of pails of water buckets of sand a hose or portable ABC fire extinguisher and always assign a fire watch the fire watch duties are pretty simple the primary objective of having a fire watch is to have an individual there who can extinguish a fire sound an alarm if a fire gets out of hand and basically assists somebody else doing hot work with the fire prevention initiatives so the fire watch duties are to have fire extinguishing equipment readily available and be trained in its use so fire watch has to be trained and has to be competent in being a fire watch the fire watch must be familiar with facilities for sounding an alarm in the event of a fire the fire watch must watch for fires in all exposed areas try to extinguish them only when obviously within the capacity of the equipment available or otherwise sound the alarm for example if we have a 20 pound ABC fire extinguisher we know that we're limited to about Oh 30 35 seconds of dry powder chemical for perhaps a 9 square foot area so something requiring more extinguishment power than that would would be caused to sound an alarm.

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hot work permit template - FAQ

Does all work-related arc welding need a hot work permit?
I will categorically say that on all commercial and industrial job sites thesedays will require a hot work permit and a certain measure of fire watch. Thecatch is that not all jurisdictions have a comprehensive safety program. Thatsaid I’m sure there are some bottom feeder type contractors out there who arewilling to take a chance and bypass the common sense of being protected bythat piece of paper . I would never strike an arc in a building not in anyarea where the chance of a fire would cause damage without the blessing of ahot work permit. Even when I was welding on pipeline or out in the field wherethere’s a possibility of a vegetation fire there was always a contingency planfor fire watch. A grass fire on a windy day out on the prairie can veryquickly get out of control. I would strongly recommend that individualsprotect themselves with the appropriate paperwork and planning
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